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Development path


This is the first important phase where we acquire all the data and information from the customer to define the project to be developed. From the first approach for us it is necessary to understand your needs and expectations and provide customized solutions. We aim to translate your ideas into objectives to be achieved.


The next step to the briefing is to identify with an analysis activity and an industry benchmark the strengths of the project (Unique Selling Proposition), the critical issues that could arise and the possible competitors to analyze. Then we define the marketing strategy to be adopted as a starting test.


Planning is the moment dedicated to defining the strategy and the work phases. This phase is used to coordinate the whole process, choose the areas of intervention, select the tools, set the time and identify the objectives. Thanks to careful planning we are able to provide you with the best solution.


By development we mean the realization of various activities such as web design, web development, visual and graphic design, production of quality content and enhancement of brand identity, which we carry out in a precise and detailed way; the result is the creation of a convincing and functional plan that we're going to calibrate and improve constantly for always have an updated strategy.


A successful web marketing strategy involves a careful promotion involving multiple channels, based on the client's needs and characteristics. To achieve the best results, in the promotion phase we coordinate the marketing activities with those of web marketing, since there are strong relationships between the actions carried out offline and those that we should prepare online.


Is very important to know the performance of the activities carried out and to understand if the desired objectives have been achieved and how the results can be improved reaching the pre-established goal. We take care of monitoring, measuring and optimizing the performance of all the projects we carry out, with a view to maximizing ROI and increasing online visibility.

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We offer high quality professional services at competitive prices. To estimate a project we need to analyze the development process together.
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